A Magical Theme

Honestly, I believe this is a great theme to assign this class because I think everyone can relate at least a small part of their lives or even their childhoods on it. Everyone knows the stories of Cinderella or even the wicked witch of the west. Individually, each person can go far and in many different ways depending on their interests, and as a group there can be really thoughtful discussions as well because of how well known and easily accessible most info on this theme as a whole is. I’ve always been interested in Harry Potter since I read the books in fifth grade, and The Lord of the Rings since middle school. I could talk about wizards and action all day from either of those movies, so I personally am excited about this theme not just to be able to look more into the things I know so much about, but to learn new versions of childhood stories I grew up hearing, and even learning so much more from my classmates.