Where my feet take me?

The next video assignment I completed this week was Where Do Your Shoes Take You? This assignment was worth 4 stars! To complete this assignment I basically just used my camera on my iPhone to record my various travels throughout my day! I recorded these videos on Monday! I chose Monday because I have three classes that are all across campus on that day which allowed for my footage! After I recored all the individual clips I uploaded them to my computer and inputed them into iMovie. After that I began to add in music, title slides, and transitions! Then I exported the video to my computer desktop and here is the final product!! Can you guess what buildings my shoes took me to this day?

Radio Bumper for Distress Signal!

So in preparation for our radio show I decided to use some of the audio assignment stars this week to create another radio bumper, but this time one that relates specifically to our groups show! The radio bumper audio assignment is worth 4 stars! Our radio show is going to be called Distress Symbol Radio/Podcast. With the help of my group members we came up with a few different versions of radio bumpers. That way they would be different and interesting, but follow a similar style so there was some continuity throughout our show! To create this new bumper I played some lyric free superman music in the background while I read my script. I recorded this bumper using the voice memo app on my iPhone and then uploaded it to SoundCloud! Hope you all enjoy, and look forward to hearing this bumper in our radio show next week!!


Daily Creates- Week #6

This week in Daily Creates Jordan style…

The first daily create I completed was Childhood terrors! For this daily create I just searched spider in the gif section on twitter until I found this gem that correctly evoked the feeling of terror I had when I was younger. Then added the correct hashtags and bam, done!

Second daily create was, make a vegetable smile! This was easy for me to complete because I just went shopping for some veggies! To complete this assignment I pulled out my peppers and tomatoes and formed it into a smile! Hashtags and BAM, done!

Lastly for daily creates, I participated in the rejected storm names weather broadcast! I thought this was a pretty funny idea. |You never thing of the names that get rejected. So I picked one of the names from the list, recored my weather broadcast on the voice memo app, uploaded it to Soundcloud, and posted it to twitter with the correct hashtags, and

Thats all for daily creates for week 6!