Design Your Superhero!

The next design assignment bank project I did was worth 4 stars and was the Design Your Superhero assignment! I was so excited to do this because I could make Little Brain my superhero sidekick into a real image! To complete this assignment I used the second superhero generator linked because the first one required a program my computer didn’t allow. I used the second link because it worked easily and was ready to use on my computer! The only thing I did not love about this program was that there were not a lot of options for body shapes and styles. Unfortunately my super hero sidekick who I decided to incorporate into this assignment is a short and chunky sidekick. Sadly, in my recreation Little Brain does not look very accurate. Also, the outfit selections were extremely small as well. The only options offered were full tech suits and ripped shirts. Little Brain wears normal pants and a lab coat. I chose the outfits that resembled that the most. The final product of this assignment is defiantly a test run for Little Brain’s final look.