Daily Creates- Week #7


Since this week is heavy on group planning and participation, I wanted to make sure I got my daily creates out of the way early (or as early as I could).

The first one I completed was Cassini’s Last Words. I completed this daily create by simply searching goodbye in the gif application on twitter until I found one that made me laugh! I decided to go with a classic heart wrenching goodbye from Disney’s Woody.

Then I completed the WAIT, This is an Amazon Echo?? I completed this daily create by looking around the room I was in and picking an object that was shinny, with rounded edges, and made of a hard material. I ended up picking a flower vase, which makes it even funnier! The final product!!!

Last daily create of this week!!! This was my favorite daily create because the concept behind it. It was the Shit Superheros get asked daily create! I think in our society especially with social media we over dramatize ALOT. You hear the phrases, I am starving, I am dying, and I am exhausted over used and incorrectly used. So putting this into the concept of our classes theme with superhero distress calls was super funny!

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Daily Creates- Week 4

This week in ds106 daily creates Jordan version I completed some interesting tasks!

First off I chose my life defining moment. Although I personally believe that people’s life defining moment changes along with them my current most life defining moment was moving down 7 hours from home to Fredericksburg Virginia for college. For this I found a meme that I thought perfectly fit the new lifestyle I was living.

Next I did the Paperback Paradise daily create which took a lot more time then I had anticipated. First I searched and searched google for an old fashion book cover that I liked and found unique enough for me to put my own spin on it. Once I discovered that book cover I had to come up with my new title and edit it. The title came to me pretty quickly because I have a pretty satirical sense of humor so I found that easy. The editing was a challenge for me. I wanted to insert two different text boxes so I had to use the snapchat editing feature two different times to get my desired outcome. Even though I went through quite the process I was very satisfied with the end result!

And last of all I had the daily create tongue twister assignment! This was another fun and simple daily create. All I had to do to complete this daily create was record myself saying a tongue twister on my voice memo app on my iPhone, then upload it to my Soundcloud, and tweet it!

Daily creates are such a fun and low stress way to stay involved creative and interactive during the week!



Daily Creates: Week 3

This week for my daily creates I started with artsy photo or not?

I loved this post because I have seen this concept in real life and think it is quite hilarious! I completed this daily create by taking a picture of duPont Hall from college ave because it is a nice artsy angle, but with some of my friends photo bombing it in a weird pose!

Then I posted this picture on Instagram but zoomed in so all you could see is the light post and the building and took a screenshot of it.

Then I used the Pasteify app to crop this image on top of the original image in the corresponding position for my final product and tweeted it!

My next daily create was my super power selfie!

This was pretty simple for me, I have always wished to fly, so I gave myself wings! All I did for this was google an image of wings and looked until I found ones that I liked enough to attach to my body! Then I used the editing app Pastetify to crop wings on to a preexisting selfie of me and tweeted it!

My last daily create this week was probably my favorite I have done so far. It was Stand like a superhero.

To complete this daily create I hit my best superhero pose, chest out, hands on hips, and looking up towards the sky. But, my favorite part of this assignment was adding my best attempt at a comic book filter. I used this new app I discovered called PicsArt to get this super cool filter! This was my final product!

The more daily creates I complete the more I am enjoying them!

Daily Creates

This week on Daily Creates….

First off I did the prompt “Fruit Face”.

I began by using snapchat to apply a filter that stretches my mouth to take a selfie that would fit on my fruit of choice, an apple. Then I used the photo editing app Pasteify to crop my selfie onto the red delicious! Then I tweeted my masterpiece, and here is the final product.

Next daily create prompt I completed was ¬†“Pronounce This”,

I used Soundcloud to simply record myself pronouncing  Floccinaucinihilification to the best of my ability, which was not all that great. Then I tweeted my work!

For my third and final daily create of the week I chose the “cute animal with a hard truth” activity.

First off I hit google for the cutest puppy picture I could find and saved it to my camera roll. Once I had completed that mission I next used snapchat to add my text bubble and my hard truth to the adorable puppies. First I added the speech bubble, and covered up the pre-existing words in it with a white out tool. Once that was cleared I added my harsh truth that we as people never remember other people’s names when we meet them. Then I tweeted out my adorable puppies, and my unfortunate reality.