Personal vs Professional

I think that since my mom follows me on Instagram and is friends with me on Facebook, I am automatically watching what I post.

I never post anything on Instagram that I wouldn’t say or do offline. My profiles are a representation of the real me. (Its my number one pet peeves when anyone is fake online). I never post anything on social media that I wouldn’t want written in the sky or put in a window of a shopping mall.
People always get on to me about my account being private on Instagram. Yes, I am private, but not because I have anything to hide, its mainly because I don’t want random people from all over the world look at my pictures, knowing where I live, or who my friends and family are.

Now, say my Instagram were public, I still would have nothing on there that would shock my parents, grandmother, friends of family, or even employers. I feel like the people that post pictures at parties with drinks and drugs, are just seeking attention and have nothing better to do but to get people talking about their life and how “cool” they are. Its get you nowhere fast. I mean even on Facebook, why would you like something knowing that everyone your friends with can see the thing you have just liked, be a video , picture or a page.
I am 95% certain that if a teacher, family friend, or my grandmother were to go onto my Facebook or Instagram, they would fine nothing wrong with it.

I have had one job interview my whole life, and at the end of the informational part about the job my boss ended with ” Tell a little about yourself”. I really just wanted to whip out my facebook page (be cause all of my social media sites are accurate to the person I am), I awkwardly said, ” I like to sing and dance, I am a very artsy person”.
I would gladly share my Facebook page with an employer; I have nothing to hide.

Freedom of Speech

We as Americans, I feel like we take a lot of our rights for granted. Freedom of speech is the big one. In China, the use of social media is very controlled. The government is constantly watching people movements on the web to make sure that they aren’t saying anything to slander the government.
Ai Wei Wei always has stuck out in my mind. His way of combining art and government slander is genius. He uses a less ambiguous from of art to basically say a big ‘eff you at the government.  A lot of his art is up for personal interpretation but his purpose for the creation of many of his prints and sculptures are to poke at the government.  He has been able to spark a movement through his art and social media. In connection with that, the video about the Grass-Mud Horse, I think that it has the potential to add to the spark that is lit in China.This week with all the readings and our discussion, I think to topic of censorship on the web is a big one especially in schools, public and private. How far are schools willing to go to censoring the websites kids can go on in school, or even just the use of technology in school in general?



Midterm questions:

Is digital identity different between genders, in terms of profiles?

How has anonymity changed over the generations, in terms of how we use is?