Character Dossier

Introducing Little Brain, the smartest sidekick in the super universe.

Little Brain, human born name Brian Smalls was born in Augusta, Maine on December 12, 1996. Brian was just a 5’6, plump, nerd with glasses. When Brian was a little 10 year old boy his whole world changed. Brain was studying late one night in the public library during a terrible lighting storm. Brain was so tired after reading for hours that he fell asleep on a neuroscience textbook. Then lighting struck through the ceiling and hit Brian right on the brain. Brian woke the next day in the hospital with minor injuries, but a major change, he could now read people’s minds. He was so shocked and confused by his ability he did not tell anyone, except for one person, his doctor. Brian told him because he read the doctors mind, and figured out that he was the famous Doctor Blot, the fastest superhero in the North East. Brian trained with his doctor for years learning to control his gift while hiding it from his mom Debora and his father Chris. Since Brian was an only child he did not want to scare his parents with his oddity, so Brian Smalls lived two lives.

Fast forward 10 years, Brian is finally an adult, 20 years old, but still 5’6 and plump. Doctor Bolt asked him to take over the roll of a full time sidekick. They use their speed and brain power to take down every evil being that steps foot into the North East. Their arch nemesis is The PSYCHO-logist, use to be a psychologist who did one too many clinical trials on his brain frying his emotional and decision making structures. He does not feel remorse or pain, making him extremely dangerous. The PSYCHO-logist is their toughest villain because he knows Little Brain’s Kryptonite, hats, headbands, and helmets. If the individuals brain is blocked from him in anyway it makes reading their minds impossible.

Little Brain still to this day hides his true identity from his parents pretending to be a local librarian. They remain a close family having dinner together every night. Brian Smalls and the famous sidekick Little Brain continue to live the same, but separate lives.