JFK thinks we stupid?

I chose to do the assignment of speech and story audio for three stars. I definitly had a much better time with this one now that I know how in the heck to use Logic, but I am still not an expert by any chance. I found a speech of JFK talking about space exploration, but the audio that I made out of it is nothing like that. I think it’s funny how I made it sound like he’s saying only 5 years ago we, as in Americans, learned to write and push a cart with wheels.

Again I used the Logic application on the HCC computers. I found the audio on freesound.org. There weren’t too many speeches, so I’m interested in seeing if anyone else did this same speech and how it turned out.

So, in the very end of this assignment, I clipped all the extra silence from the end of the audio on quicktime with the help of my new Logic buddy, but when I tried to upload that media onto soundcloud it wouldn’t let me. So my audio clip is only a little over a minute long, but it says 14 minutes.