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Leader-Member Relationships

When I did this exercise, It took me a while to come up with a group I am a part of. I have only been at my internship for a week, and there was not one day where everyone has all been at the office all on the same day. Other than that, I am […]

Humphrey (ch. 7)

I really enjoyed reading about Tony Hsieh’s story and how Zappo’s came to be. I can personally attest to how working with friends and people that you enjoy working with helps shape your experience in the work space. My first job out of high school was a server position at a small, family owned coffee […]

The Prince

I found this reading to be more difficult than the other reading assignments. I tried to think of what Machiavelli was talking about from a political standpoint and apply it to HRM, because HRM is my major and my internship this summer is in HRM at the Navy Yard. In chapter one, Machiavelli talks about […]

Humphrey (ch. 5)

I have always lived my life being nice to everyone, and I mean EVERYONE. Mainly because being nice is the right thing, but also because you never know who might be your next boss. It is kinda like the saying don’t post what you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see, in regards to social media. […]

Importance of Body Language and Facial Expressions

I attempted this challenge by filming myself tell a story. This was a lot harder than I imagined it could have been. I consider myself to be very expressive and loud with body language alone. I am taking ASL for my language requirement and facial/body language is a key to the language. I came across […]

Emotional Intelligence Charades

Since this is an online class, I opted to take an online quiz to test my emotional intelligence. One of the emotions I did not recognize was contempt, not to be confused with disgust, which is more of a reaction of suspicion, whereas disgust is a reaction of something unpleasant. Once I completed the quiz, […]

Humphrey (ch. 4)

Upon reading about emotional intelligence, all I could think of was empathy. That is essentially what they are referring to when talking about what it means to have emotional intelligence, and being able to sense what others are feeling emotionally and understanding that. Then I read the difference between emotional intelligence and empathy, and realized […]

Humphrey (ch. 3)

The first thing I remember reading from this chapter is about Mark Zuckerberg. It explained how in college, Mark was all brains and hardly social. I found this surprising because when I see Mark Zuckerberg give talks and speeches it seems like he was born to do just that. I just assumed that major leaders […]

Who Am I?

honest easy-going bubbly driven loyal optimistic empathetic reliable flexible communicative I feel as though these 10 words describe me as a person and as a leader the most. Reflecting on this assignment, I found it interesting that when, in general, people are asked to list qualities that describe them, they only list the positive ones, […]


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