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Technology for Musicians

During the fall 2017 semester I took a Technology for Musicians class, and it is ultimately the reason for me creating and editing this website to the way that it is today. If you ever have a chance to take this class, or one similar to it I would highly recommend taking it! Heres an example…

Welcome to AnAthletesMind!

Here at an athletes mind we try to give you our personal opinions on the latest news in the NBA, MLB, and NFL. Our articles comes from personal opinions and knowledge about the game, as well as statistics in order to put out the best content that we ca…

NFL Players Standing vs Kneeling

Week three of the 2017 NFL season was the best one we have seen all year. There were upsets, and exciting finishes throughout the league. However, all the excitement seemed to be overshadowed by what players did, or didn’t do during the National Anthem. An issue that started over the summer with Colin Kaepernick taking…

MLB Playoff Preview

As September starts to come to an end, that only means that playoff baseball is getting closer. The first game of the MLB Playoffs is on Tuesday October 3rd, and will put the two AL wild card teams against each other. Earlier in the summer it seemed like it was everyone in the league against…


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