Text + Diagram –> Movie: Little Brain’s Origin

For one of my video bank assignments this week I completed the Text + Diagram  -> Movie assignment worth 5 stars. I decided to make this the assignment that I incorporated my character into since its an easier way for me to explain and layout my character’s origin story using text and diagrams rather than … Continue reading Text + Diagram –> Movie: Little Brain’s Origin

Gratitude to My Father

Dear Dad, In all my endeavors, you’ve been my rock, my biggest support and my mentor. It’s not secret to other people that I talk about you like a celebrity because sometimes, it really feels like you are. You are incredibly brilliant and s…

Comparing Steph Curry and Gilbert Arenas 6 years into their careers

The other day when I was surfing the web reading articles about the Washington Wizards, I stumbled upon a forum thread that I found very interesting, there was a discussion comparing Steph Curry to Gilbert Arenas 6 years into their careers. Now I know that this post is a little out dated, and that Steph … Continue reading Comparing Steph Curry and Gilbert Arenas 6 years into their careers

Little Brain’s Final Crisis

I think a really interesting final crisis would be to have the superhero, super villain, or sidekick like myself lose their power for a brief time. I like the idea of their power only being missing or lost for a brief time that way it is not as if they just turn normal and change … Continue reading Little Brain’s Final Crisis


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