Augmented Reality is Going Mainstream

The new iPhone 8 comes with an augmented reality feature that allows the phone to transform static images such as a picture or the person sitting beside you to something that becomes more interactive.  Users can fight a dragon on a basketball court, stand next to celebrities so that you can take selfies with them, […]

International Trade in Heavy Weaponry

This fall my independent study students have chosen to study the international trade in heavy weaponry.  We’ll be focusing on heavy arms (planes, tanks, missiles, etc.) sold by firms in the U.S to customers overseas.  In most cases the sale is to another country but in some cases the sale could be to a group […]

Don’t throw away the “incomplete” product

We’ve all done it, something of ours breaks and we throw it away.  The laptop we’re using no longer works unless it’s plugged in, the jacket you love has a broken zipper, or the dresser that you own has a broken drawer.  Instead of fixing the problem or donating the product to someone else you […]

Augmented Reality – Merging the physical with the virtual

This semester we are experimenting with augmented reality in our principles of marketing (Mktg 301) class.  Students are taking a static image and then making it come to life using augmented reality.  The idea is to enable our students to use one of the emerging methods of advertising to create advertisements for our clients Dragonfly […]

The integration of psychology and marketing

Two of my independent study students recently returned from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting in San Antonio where they presented our paper on anticipation and how it impacts the evaluation of outcomes.  The study examined the benefits of planning ahead and how it can enhance your overall experiences which in itself is […]

UMW Freshmen Seminar Visits FBI Headquarters

Last month we were fortunate enough to tour the FBI Headquarters in Washington and hear from some of the agents on the work that they’re doing.  The tour was arranged by the father of one of our alumni and from the moment we arrived to five hours afterwards when we left the FBI really went out […]

Defeating the bystander effect and stopping a crime

In psychology there is a well established effect called the bystander effect. The bystander effect, is a social psychological phenomenon that refers to cases in which individuals do not offer any means of help to a victim when other people are present.  It’s not that these are bad people it’s just that everybody thinks that […]

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