DS106 Advice Post

Before taking this class you need to understand that although it is an online class and it has a lot of fun and creative components it is extremely time consuming. You must dedicate around 4-6 hours a week to completing the various assignments due at the end of every week. On top of that for me personally a lot of the material was new to me. This added another huge time component for me because I had to do a lot of research and guess and check work for how to complete different assignments before I even started completing the work itself.

Although it was a big time commitment the work is fun, creative, and very different from the work you complete in a normal class making it more enjoyable to do. I really loved how much material this class covered in regards to learning how to use a variety of media and editing techniques. I was forced out of my comfort zone to use so many different tools and now I know how to use them confidently.

I highly recommend this class for anyone who wants to sharpen or even begin to work on increasing their skills within the multi-media world.

Good Luck!!

P.S Do not procrastinate trust me!!!!

Artist Blog: Chris Milk

Chris Milk is not only a digital artist, but also an entrepreneur, director, and photographer. He is a founder and CEO of the company “Within,” which is a virtual reality technology company. He was born in New York, but currently lives and produces artwork in California.


Summer Into Dust

Senator Barack Obama

I really like Chris Milk’s work, specifically his photography of famous people. I like the angles he uses to depict the subjects of the photo. It makes it more unique and unlike just a regular picture. I also really liked Milk’s Coachella photographs and how well the pictures give the audience a feel of what the concert is actually like. As far as his videos go, I wasn’t a huge fan of anything but the music. They all were kind of on the weird side to me, and I wasn’t a huge fan.

November Reflection

November has been a hectic month. Not only was it the day that I started this website, but it was also the start of my commitment to change myself into a better person. For a while now, I haven’t been feeling like I was myself anymore. I’ve completely lost myself and everything that I was …

Ds106 Final Crisis -Progress Post

For this final crisis the distress signal radio show team decided to team back up! That means Ashleigh, Alaina, and I are working in a group for this final project!

For our final crisis we decided to continue with our radio show Distress Signal since we loved our story line and final product so much.

Basically our idea is to create a tumblr page that acts as our radio show’s online presence! Our plan is to create a news web series that follows up the aftermath of Dr.Evil’s attack on the city that occurred during our radio show. This will include 5 news article posts. Each news article will contain a writing element, a video element, visual element, and an audio element embedded within the news summary.

The first news article will state a more general summary such as a recap of the events that took place during our radio show when Dr.Evil attacked the city, and will incorporate all three of our class characters who loose their powers due to Dr.Evil’s attack on the city. The the following three news articles will be exclusives with each of our superhero characters. These news articles will incorporate interviews about the actual event that took place and how they are doing now without their super powers. The final news article will be a “Where are they now” 5 years later follow up piece. This will give brief summaries about what are all of our characters doing now with their lives.

Our project will incorporate the following elements from our class:

  • Web Storytelling
  • Writing
  • Video
  • Visual
  • Audio

Artist Blog: Marco Brambilla

Marco Brambilla is a digital artist that born in Milan, but now creates art and lives in New York City. His work focuses on video collages of popular and found imagery. His artwork has been feature in exhibits nationwide, and he even created a short, one minute music video for Kanye West’s song, “Power.”

Image result for Marco Brambilla

Image result for Marco Brambilla

Image result for Marco Brambilla

I found Brambilla’s work very dark, but at the same time, I loved the amount of detail in his videos. I kind of like the theme of darkness and creepiness that is behind his work, and I feel like it makes him very unique compared to some of the other artists we’ve researched this semester. While a few of the other artists have a creepier feeling to their work, I think Brambilla’s stands out because she also incorporates things that seem kind of Greek-Gody (if that makes sense.) It looks like paintings I learned about in Art History, and I really like that vibe with modern artwork.

Artist Blog: Evan Roth

Evan Roth is an American, born in Michigan. For college, he attended the University of Maryland and Parsons The New School for Design. He is best known for his artwork in interactive art, programming, generative art, digital art, and net art.

I think out of all the artists we have learned more about throughout the semester, Evan Roth is one of my least favorites. I can understand how and why some people might find his work interesting and cool, but I have a hard time staying interested in anything he has created. I understand that there is probably a meaning behind creating such dull artwork, but personally I cannot find anything super fascinating or intriguing about what he has created. I prefer more happy art that has more color.