The chaos (and growth) in the entertainment industry

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a talk given by our own Professor Dan Wolfe where he talked about how much the entertainment industry (TV and movies) has opened up. This is largely brought on by the online streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, and Apple who are creating their own content. We’ve moved into an era where more competition has opened up greater demand for content. For comparison, Professor Wolfe compared the number of feature films created by Disney last year (12) to the number created by Netflix (200+). It’s never been a better time to create desirable content because content is king and if you’re creative their is demand for your services. His talk was posted to YouTube and is available here:

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More municipalities are restricting Airbnb’s

Last year (2019) both Los Angeles and Washington D.C added more restrictions on Airbnb rentals. Both locations require hosts to only list their primary residence and put a restriction on how long the property can be rented via Airbnb (120 days and 90 days respectively). Toronto is implementing similar regulations in 2020. The rationale behind these regulations is the same as it is for other municipalities which have restricted Airbnb rentals such as Paris, Amsterdam, and San Francisco. They are motivated by the growth of commercial operators, those that buy properties and do not live there but instead renting them as short-term rentals. This situation reduces the supply of affordable housing in the area and as a by-product harms legitimate hosts in the sharing economy. I’ve compiled a summary of regulations from around the world. Summary of Airbnb Regulations Around the World.

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Blue-Light Glasses (Social media marketing)

For our social media marketing class the students were tasked with coming up with a product that we can sell via Shopify using dropshipping. The product that came out on top was blue-light glasses.  The had was shown on Facebook from coast to coast and generated dozens of views. If you want to view our online store and actually purchase the blue-light glasses or see the advertisement created by Daniel Pan (UMW 2020) please click on the following link:

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Stuck in the middle with you….

This morning, while I was dropping my daughter (9) at school a police office approached me to tell me that I had to move my car. I asked if I had parked in a no parking zone. He said that didn’t matter, I was blocking traffic, he could have my car towed because I was parked in the middle of the road. I don’t think that was true. Take a look for yourself.

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Dropshipping – selling something that you don’t own to people you will never meet

The dropshipping phenomenon is expanding daily and while the business model will likely change and morph into something different than it currently is. It represents a very interesting way for people to make money by connecting manufacturers with sellers. In a nutshell, thousands of products are sold by manufacturers via marketplaces such as

There are millions of products that are sold very inexpensively, shirts for $1, sunglasses for $2. It’s the same prices you would pay if you had a physical store and was buying the goods from the manufacturer. As a dropshipper what you do is connect the manufacturer with consumers via your online store. So you don’t own the goods and you don’t ship the goods (the manufacturer does that) but you will market them and determine the price that you want to charge. Consumers can them buy them from your store and them shipped directly. It’s an interesting model where the emphasis for the dropshipper is to market (and sell) products that others have made. We will be learning more about it in Marketing 471E (social media marketing).

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Volunteer at a Non-Profit

For my non-profit volunteering, I chose to work under Operation Paws for Homes, or OPH. It is an agency that is responsible for fostering and getting homeless dogs adopted. The initial reason I decided to volunteer with OPH is because I found out they had virtual opportunities to volunteer as reference checkers. However, I ended finding just the amount of events I needed to fill my hours. I also did the reference checker training, which was about an hour. I attended 3 adoption events: a 3 hour, a 4 hour, and a 6.5 hour (for this one I was responsible for transporting a dog from his foster home an hour away, in addition to the adoption event).