Week Thirteen

One Direction Fandom

This is the particular fandom I have been a part of for the past 5 years of my life. While looking through their revision history, I’ve realized that fans tend to forget that Zayn left the band, but still want to include him in all things “One Direction.” Someone wanted to list the fact that after One Direction begins their hiatus in March, Zayn will come back to join them as it wraps up. I completely do not agree with this because, not to sound like a crazy fan or anything, but Zayn leaving the band unexpectedly broke my heart into a thousand pieces. Honestly “break” is an understatement. He shattered my heart. He lef tthe band with no warning, no plausible reason. I don’t want him a part of their upcoming success. The talk page basically talks about the exact same thing concerning Zayn.  Should we include Zayn when we talk about One Direction? Is Zayn just doing a solo album then coming back? When will Zayn realize that he belongs to One Direction? Pfft. Whatever…..

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