Artist Blog: Cory Arcangel

Cory Arcangel is a digital artist from New York. Not only is Arcangel and artist, he’s also an entrepreneur. Aside from drawings, hacking, film, videos, performance art, icons, posters, music, he also makes clothing and even bedspreads. He’s best known for his Nintendo game cartridge hacks and reworkings of computer systems from the 80s. His artwork has been features internationally in places like Switzerland and London, but also in America in Chicago and Miami.

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These pieces were made in photoshop, and are located in Montreal.

Cory Arcangel Cory Arcangel39s Official Portfolio Website and Portal

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Super Mario clouds is a 6 minute video, without sound, of the clouds that are featured in Super Mario Bros.

Growing up, I was always a huge fan of everything Super Mario. My brothers and I always had some version of the game, and we’d always play it together, so obviously I love Arcangel’s work having to do with Mario, including “Mario Clouds” and “Super Mario Movie.” Both videos remind me of playing Mario Bros. growing up, and I actually really like the background music in “Super Mario Movie” and how it’s kind of a twisted version of the actual background Mario music. His other pieces he created in photoshop are also really cool. I love the simplicity of his work, and how each piece really adds to a room. I really like the rainbow theme he incorporates in a lot of his photoshop art. Overall, I’m very impressed with his work! I really like it!

Artist Blog: Rashaad Newsome

Rashaad Newsome is a contemporary artist, and he’s based in in New York. Aside from collages, he also produces songs, does performances, creates videos, and makes installations. In his work he successfully celebrates gestures, sounds, and symbols of African American culture and European coats of arms. His work is located domestically and internationally in places such as New York, Paris, New Orleans, Seattle, Dallas, and Miami Beach.



I really enjoy Newsome’s collages because they are super detailed and interesting. I used collages in this post because out of all the work he does, they are my favorite. He keeps it interesting by adding so much detail that you see something new every time you look at it. After watching some of his videos, I was just left super confused. Although they were very original, I found them super weird. They’re definitely not something I particularly enjoyed. I also really appreciate that he uses his artwork to celebrate his culture, and that he sends a message through all of his pieces.

One Tool Project

In my first photo, I used the paint bucket tool to manipulate the colors of the sky and the clouds.

Scary Skies

The first picture is the original photo of the clouds, and the second one is after using the paint bucket tool.

For the second photo, I chose to remove the spots off a Dalmatian using the spot healing brush tool.

Spotless Dalmatian

Here’s the before an after of the Dalmatian with and without his spots.

Finally, I used the background eraser tool and the move tool to place these flowers over top of a space background.

Flowers in Space

The first picture is the space background I used, and the next picture is the space picture with the flowers over top of it.

Artist Blog: Sarah Ludy

Sara Ludy is a digital artist based in Vancouver. On top of creating digital art that typically merges real landscapes or domestic places with virtual ones, made up ones, she also partakes in photography, animated GIFs, video, sounds, a live performances. Most of her work involves her combining real life and her own made-up reality. In various interviews, Ludy makes it clear that her work is based more on observation rather than conclusions. She creates art according to what she sees, not what she wants to see.

In this creation, Ludy combines a domestic place, which looks like an apartment, with unrealistic colors outside.

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This piece of artwork is probably one of the more unrealistic pieces I was able to find. But like the other artwork, it combines some reality with unrealistic images.

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Another very interesting piece that combines reality with something unrealistic.

After reviewing various piece of artwork by Sarah Ludy, I’ve concluded that her work is very….interesting. It definitely isn’t something that I would ever be drawn to, but I do appreciate Ludy’s creativity and imagination. I think her artwork is cool and very original. It’s unlike anything I have ever seen before, but it really isn’t something that I’m interested in.

Artist Blog: Nam June Paik

Nam June Paik is an American-Korean artist known for his creation of video art. Although he created artwork most of his life, Paik really got his start when he joined the Neo-Dada movement, known as Fluxus after moving to Germany. After eventually moving to America, Piak’s work really took off. Many of his artwork involves sculptures made out of various types of technology.

For example:

This piece is located at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. It’s called Electronic Superhighway.

This statue is called Pre-Bell-Man, and it’s located in Germany outside of the Museum für Kommunikation.

Finally, this type of video art is located in the National Gallery of Art, and it’s called Ommah.

After looking at many different pieces of artwork done by Nam June Paik, I really ended up liking his style. Everything is super orignal, and it is all made up of things you would not normally expect to see in a piece of art. For example, I think it is so interesting that he used what looks like old radios and things like that in his statue in Germany. I also really love the colors in Electronic Superhighway.