My Three Favorite Washington Sports Blogs

Being that I am a diehard Washington sports fan, I spend a large portion of my free time reading articles that relate to my favorite teams. I decided that it would be a good idea to create a list of my three favorite Washington sports blogs, my list includes The Washington Post: D.C. Sports Blog, SB Nation DC and Barstool Sports DMV. The list is in no particular order, but these are my three favorite blogs.

The Washington Post: D.C. Sports Blog

Link to The Washington Post: D.C. Sports Blog

 is one of the most popular newspapers in the northern Virginia area, being that I am from that area I have been around the Post for my entire life. My father gets the Post delivered to our house daily, and he even has an online subscription so he can read the articles that are posted to the website. Fun fact my younger sister Zoe Belodeau was featured in The Washington Post in 2017 when she was named the All-Met Women’s Lacrosse Player of The Year, I will post a link to the article that was written about her. As far as sports blogs go, The Washington Post is my favorite. The Post always has the most up to date information about Washington sports, they also write about high school sports teams in the D.C. metro area.

Link to The Washington Post article about my sister Zoe Belodeau

SB Nation DC

SB Nation DC is a sports blog that is dedicated only to news about Washington sports, every single post on this website relates to content about Washington. This blog is one of my most visited websites, there are so many posts relating to teams that I follow that I find myself reading articles on the website for hours. Another cool thing about this blog is that it allows anyone to create a post, websites like The Washington Post only allow staff members to post, and everything has to be approved by an editor. But SB Nation DC allows anyone to write about Washington sports and your article does not need to be approved by an editor, which gives users the freedom to speak their mind and give their opinions about Washington.

Link to SB Nation DC

Barstool Sports DMV

The final blog I will be including in my list is Barstool Sports DMV, this is a sub page of the Barstool Sports blog that only has posts relating to the DMV area. I am a huge fan of Barstool Sports because of the humorous posts, Barstool Sport’s target audience is 18-24 year old males. The Barstool Sports DMV blog features humorous posts that relate to the DMV area that you wouldn’t normally find on the regular Barstool Sports blog.

Link to Barstool Sports DMV

Technology for Music Biography

My name is Jack Belodeau, I am a junior at the University of Mary Washington and I am majoring in Digital Studies and Communication. I have been a member of the University of Mary Washington men’s lacrosse team for my entire college career. As far as music goes I am a fan of classic rock and hip hop. Some of my favorite artists include The Doors, Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, Kanye West and the late Lil Peep. Music is a very important to me, one of my hobbies include creating my own rap songs and posting them onto soundcloud.

John Wall Highlight Tape

John Wall is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA today. Now I know I have a biased opinion because he is the Washington Wizard’s star player, but it’s hard to disagree with that statement. John Wall does it all, he is a two way guard who can produce offensively, and play lockdown defense. John Wall is a 27 year old point guard from Raleigh North Carolina, who played one year at the University of Kentucky. Wall was drafted first overall by the Washington Wizards in 2010, and he has spent his entire career in Washington. The four time all star has made a name for himself in the league, and is considered to be one of the best true point guards in the league today. The entire city of Washington loves John Wall not only because of his skill, but also because of his loyalty to the program and his work for the community. John Wall has expressed his love for D.C. and promises to bring a championship back to Washington. I created a highlight reel of some of John Wall’s most exciting plays from his 7 years in league, and I set the tape to the popular hip hop song “Do the John Wall” by Troop 41.

Comparing Steph Curry and Gilbert Arenas 6 years into their careers

The other day when I was surfing the web reading articles about the Washington Wizards, I stumbled upon a forum thread that I found very interesting, there was a discussion comparing Steph Curry to Gilbert Arenas 6 years into their careers. Now I know that this post is a little out dated, and that Steph Curry has been in the league for 8 years now, but the post is still interesting. Here is the link to the post

Six years into the league Steph Curry

  • Scored 8,714 points
  • Had 89 blocks
  • Had 717 steals
  • Had 2,866 assists
  • Had 1,719 rebounds

Six years into the league Gilbert Arenas

  • Scored 9,575 points
  • Had 101 blocks
  • Had 735 steals
  • Had 2,031 assists
  • Had 1,768 rebounds

If you look at the statistics Gilbert Arenas beats Steph Curry in every category except for assists. I believe that Gilbert Arenas never got the recognition that he deserved, in my opinion Gilbert Arenas was one of the best players in the 2000-2010 era of the NBA. Gilbert Arenas only played in the NBA for 12 years, but in his 12 years he was a 3 time all star, he also won the most improved player award in 2003. Gilbert Arenas once scored 60 points against NBA legend Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers in 2006, Arenas had out scored Kobe Bryant 60-45 points. Arenas was the first player to score 60 points against the Lakers since Wilt Chamberlain in 1966. Arenas not only set a Washington Wizards franchise record for most points scored in a game, but he also set an NBA record for most points scored in overtime (16). When looking back onto Arenas’s career in the NBA many sports fans believe that Arenas is one of the biggest busts in the NBA, but I strongly disagree. Taking into account the comparison to Steph Curry 6 years into the NBA, and Arenas’s accolades throughout his career, you cannot label Arenas as one of the biggest busts in the NBA. Granted I have a biased opinion because not only am I a huge Wizards fan, but I am a huge Gilbert Arenas fan. In my opinion Gilbert Arenas is one of the most underrated NBA players of all time, and many Washington fans share my opinion on the subject. While I was researching Gilbert Arenas’s career, I came across a video clip of Arenas hitting a game winning buzzer beating three point shot against the Utah Jazz in 2007. I love this clip because even before the shot goes into the hoop, Arenas starts to celebrate because he was so confident in his shot, and I think that is awesome.

Kelly Oubre Jr. 2016-2017 Highlights

Kelly Oubre Jr. is by far my favorite player in the NBA, he plays the 2 and 3 position. Oubre Jr. played college ball at the University of Kansas before he was drafted 15th overall by the Atlanta Hawks in 2015, he was traded to the Washington Wizards prior to the 2015-2016 season. I love the hustle Oubre Jr. shows every game, and he is a two way player who has incredible defensive skills, and I would not be surprised if we saw him on an all-star team in the future. I created a highlight reel of my favorite Kelly Oubre Jr. plays from the 2016-2017 season, and I set the tape to the popular Drake song “Gyalchester”.