Wikipedia and Storify

The fandom I researched on Wikipedia was the movie Good Burger. I chose this movie because it was my favorite movie that I watched as a child and who am I kidding I still watch it today. While looking at the research history of Wikipedia I found that some words were changed. For instance in the original version of the movie (Good Burger) the mondo burgers were chemically infused but someone else changed the word to chemically induced. Previously when I went on one of the talk pages I found that someone made a few grammar corrections to the movie because they felt that the other words were not constructive. In return the editor’s page was tagged for deletion because the website said that the person’s page showed some form of vandalism. Honestly after watching the movie Good Burger for such a long time I never really took the time to pay a lot of attention to the grammatical errors. I mainly focused on how funny the whole movie was.

Fan Culture

In my opinion I feel that fan culture is a group or groups of people that come together in many different ways to share the one thing or things that they have in common. There are many different fan groups like: video game groups, comic book groups, movie groups( action, drama,scary, funny, and etc.), science fiction groups, and etc. Some groups like to come together as one and rewrite their favorite movie to their liking because it makes them feel more involved in the process. By different people rewriting  their versions of the movies, books, and games they can use their imagination to see what either the movie, book, or video game would have been like if it was made another way. When I say another way I mean that instead of this person being killed by this person, instead this person may fall in love with the other person and live happily ever after.

When I think of how other fans insert themselves into different narratives, it personally does not bother me. I feel this way because they are just using their imagination to create their own version of that particular movie that they like. Now somethings that may have been made, everyone may not have agreed upon it. Now when it comes to the creators I feel that they should encourage and discourage this activity. I say encourage to the ones that post positive and important opinions about certain movies that they choose to talk about. I also say discourage because some people do like to express their opinions about what they think of that particular movie, but when it comes to posting opinions some like to take it a little to far by post really rude post. When bad statuses are posted on the creators pages the chances of them getting the opportunity to put up more negative status could possibly get revoked. When it comes to talking about who owns this kind of product culture, I honestly do not know because I am not involved in any fan clubs or fandom.

In my opinion I feel that it is nice that some people still like to use their imagination to create what they think that their favorite movie, comic book, or video game should be like. On the other hand I feel that the original way the movie, game, or book was made should stay the same because if everyone decided to create their own version of what they think or want to happen in a particular movie, then it would take away from the original way that the movie, game, or comic book was originally made.

Finally, when it comes to fan culture I do not participate in anything related to it. I choose not to participate because I have never really been interested in stating my opinion about the different ways that I feel a certain should have been written. Also I have never really been interested in searching around for others who happen to like the same movie, games, or comics that I may like.




The group and I decided to do a commercial talking about this app know as iAccess. This app is also used in iCloud. iAccess comes in handy when you are on vacations, out to lunch with friends, at a formal event, and etc. This apps main goal is that when one is a way and they forget to lock a door, close a garage, and etc. they can rely on iAccess to automatically lock or close the door of he or she’s house for them. Now the downfall is that everyone is on this app so complete strangers could possible see your address. The fact that others could see your address could possibly lead to break-ins, vandelism, and etc. Also I feel that this narrative could actually happen because some people may find it to be a real easy app to work with and really rely on it more and more then themselves. Now as for my project I went to the Digital Knowledge Center on November 13, 2014 were a nice person name Meredith helped me by showing me exactly how to work the Prezi from 11:00 to about 11:30. After the DKC I came log back on to my account and so far I have about four slides together. I still have more slides to go. Honestly now I feel a little bit better on working on my Prezi presentation. Sometime next week I plan on making myself an appointment at the speaking center so that I can get their views and start preparing myself for my presentation.