My College Football Picks and Predictions

A wild college football regular season just completed, and if the bowl season is anything like it, we are in for a treat. The first bowl game is set for December 15th between Gambling (who??) and North Carolina A&T. Here are my biggest questions heading into the bowl games.

Can any of the games no one cares about become worth watching? 

Every year there are about ten bowl games that are between schools you’ve never heard of, or teams that barely have a .500 record. Can any of these games become interesting enough to make people actually watch?

Which conference will be best between the SEC/ACC/Big 10/ and Big 12

All season these have the deepest and most talented conferences. I’m interested in seeing which does the best in the bowl games. The ACC leads all conferences with 10 teams playing in bowls, but the SEC has two in the College Football Playoff, and the Big 10 has none. The bowl season this year will help us determine which conference really was the best this season.

Which team will win the National Championship? 

This years four teams seem to be the most evenly matched since the start of the College Football Playoff. Clemson, Oklahoma, and Clemson all won their conferences, and the last team to make it in was Alabama…. who has been the most dominant team in the country for the last 5+ years. I think the defending National Champions (Clemson) and the Heisman winner (Baker Mayfield/Oklahoma) will face in this years Championship with Oklahoma coming out on top.

Here’s a look at my full picks:

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Eastern Conference Predictions (December First)

Top Ten Teams in the Eastern Conference

Its been about a month and a half since the NBA season tipped off on October 17th. Teams have played about 20 games, and we are already starting to see the playoff picture develop. Here’s the top ten teams in the Eastern Conference as of December first.

Number 10: Indiana Pacers.
– Current Record: 12-10
– Current Place: 6th in Eastern conference.
The Pacers have surprised a lot of people this year by not being completely terrible. They traded away their super star Paul George this off season, and did not get much for him. However, the pacers play smart basketball, shooting close to 50% from the field in both October and November. Victor Oladipo has become the best player on this team, averaging an impressive 23pts, 5 Reb, and 4 assists.

Number 9: New York Knicks.
– Current Record: 11-10
– Current Place: 9th in the Eastern Conference
Just like the Pacers the Knicks lost their superstar this off season, to the same team that the pacers did. However, they had some pretty good players left, and seem to be working better as a team without Carmelo Anthony. Kristaps Porzingis has been averaging 25.8 Points this season, and is shooting a crazy 46.7% from behind the arc. The Knicks will have to continue to rely on Porzingis playing like a potential MVP if they want a chance at the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

Number 8: Miami Heat.
– Current Record 10-11
– Current Place: 10th in the Eastern Conference
This one might be a pit of a stretch. The heat are good, but I’m not sure if they are a playoff team, and If they are it will be as a 7 or 8 seed. Whiteside, Dragic, and Waiters make a solid big three, but the rest of the roster falls off quickly after that. They are going to need someone to step up if they deserve this generous number eight rating.

Number 7: Philadelphia 76ers.
– Current Record 13-9
– Current Place: 5th in the east
It’s crazy to think that so much of the process has gone wrong, and the 76ers still have this much talent and potential. Jahil Okafor has only played two games this season and has no future in Philadelphia. Number one overall draft pick Markelle Fultz has only played in four games and does not look like the kind of player they were hoping for. Having said all of that, Ben Simmons is winning the rookie of the year race by a landslide, and Joel Embiid is playing in the most games of his career, and averaging 23 and 11 while doing it. I don’t see this team lasting all year because of how young and inexperienced they, but within the next few years Philly will be amongst the top teams in the league.

Number Six: Milwaukee Bucks.
– Current Record: 12-9
– Current Place: 6th in the east
The Bucks are one of the most interesting teams in the league because on paper they are stacked. They have a long team that allows them to be one of the better defensive teams in the league. The Bucks recently signed guard Eric Bledsoe, who is a good addition to an already improving young team. The biggest question I have for the Bucks team is what will happen when Jabari Parker returns from an ACL injury. If this young team can learn to play with each other then they could make things very interesting when the playoffs come around.

Number Five: Detroit Pistons.
– Current Record: 14-8
– Current Place 4th in the east
The Pistons have had one of the most surprising and impressive seasons thus far in the NBA. They currently sit at fourth in the eastern conference, and seem to be more than just a team who started off hot. Shooting guard Avery Bradley has been a great addition and works well with Andre Drummond and Tobias Harris.The Pistons are one of the best rebounding teams in the league, and will have to continue to rebound and play good defense as the season goes on.

Number four: Toronto Raptors.
– Current Record: 14-7
– Current Place: 3rd in the east
The raptors like every year are good but not great. They have had the same team, and seem to have almost the same result every year, a 50 win team who wins one playoff game and then loses to a better team. This year it’s looking like the same thing again, except the downfall of Demar DeRozen. I don’t know if he is just off to a slow start, or if the team is trying to build behind Kyle Lowry. Either way I don’t think it’s going to help the Raptors out, and they should have the same end result as fans have become used to.

Number Three: Washington Wizards.
– Current Record: 12-7
– Current Place: 7th in the east
The Wizards don’t have the record or position in the conference that some other teams around this position do, but the talent is there for this Washington team. John Wall has been playing off and on all season with a shoulder injury. When Wall comes back and is healthy it will help with the production on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. The Wizards also had a slower start last year, before going on a win streak and finishing as one of the top seeds in the east.

Number Two: Boston Celtics.
– Current Record: 20-4
– Current Place: 1st in the east
The Celtics and the Cavs are more like 1A and 1B than number one and number two in the east. Both teams are similar in many ways. They both are waiting on a superstar to return, and have each had an impressive winning streak of over ten games. The Celtics share the ball well on offense and are being led by Kyrie Irving who is having one of the best years of his career just one year removed from playing with Lebron James. Jason Tatum and Jalen Brown are two young players who have played bigger roles than expected with the early injury to Gordon Hayward. With these young players emerging Boston is going to be a very hard team to compete with when Hayward return.

Number One: Cleveland Cavaliers.
– Current Record 16-7
– Current Place: 2nd in the east
Like I said earlier the Cavs and the Celtics are very evenly matched teams. The Cavs started off the season looking like they were really missing Kyrie Irving and needed Isiah Thomas to come off injury sooner rather than later. However, the Cavs have been able to turn it on, and have not lost a game since November 11th. The return of Isiah Thomas will help this team tremendously by giving them another ball hander to lighten the as well as give players some much needed time every game to rest. This Cavs team has a lot of experienced players on their bench who are all starting to learn to play together. Assuming Thomas can fit into this mix well then this Cleveland team will be extremely good, and my choice to win the Eastern Conference.
….Oh yeah and they have lebron James