Who really needs to see George?

The way I present myself professionally and when I am with close family members or friends is completely different. First off, I’m more comfortable with friends and family. There is no pressure to be a certain way and I know my friends and family aren’t judging me because they are the only ones who have seen me at my worst. I was raised to speak and act a certain way around people who have a higher standing and more experience then I do. It’s a respect thing to my family and I. I would never act the way around a boss or in a job interview as I do at home because, quite frankly, I’m very loud and tend to say what ever is on my mind at the moment. The professional people I work with or speak with are just colleagues. I don’t know them well enough to share my whole life, and they don’t know me well enough to share their whole life.

I think when it comes to employers knowing information about you life, it should be a minimum. I can relate to this personally because I am currently working where both of my parents used to work. By the time I was hired on both of them had found other jobs, but it was still like the people I work with know everything about me because my mom was at this job for many years. I didn’t really start off with my own personality. I got a lot of “oh aren’t you Jen’s Daughter” and “wow how is she doing?”. I didn’t really get that privacy you get until you make friends. I was lumped with her and it was as if everyone already knew me because they already knew so much from my mom. There should definitely be a line between personal and professional because it is just common courtesy until that person allows you into their life.

I’m not sure I would share any accounts with future employers except maybe Facebook. It’s not like I do horrible things on these sites, it’s just that my friends and family have open range to post what ever they like on my social media site. For example my grandma loves posting hair tutorials and cute animal videos all over my Facebook. While this may be cute to some, it’s not exactly something I want future employers to see. It’s not as easy as unfriending these said friends and family members either because that just ensues an angry phone call the next day. It is so hard to control what other people do on your own social media and while it may be harmless, the content they post may not always be appropriate for your professionals to see.


Week six and cats

My midterm questions were…

  1. Should there be some form of government control in the U.S.?
  2. Why is it that women with opinions on the internet are so specifically targeted

Also I have a funny cat story if anyone is so interested in reading on.

My brother’s cat has a collar with a little bell on it. We kept it on her for a couple of months but got tired of the constant ringing. We still keep it around because she likes to play with it. Last week while I was actually trying to write a blog post, she starts screaming bloody murder. I do some awesome karate moves to get around my two dogs while simultaneously trying to remove my laptop from my lap, as I run into my kitchen to see who I trying to murder my cat. As I leap through the kitchen door I soon realize she is just sitting on the floor, looking at her collar, and apparently having a full blown conversation with it. No one in my family is sure why she does this, but I though some of the fellow cat people out there might appreciate and maybe even find my story kind of funny. Thank you for indulging into the crazy life of my cat.

P.S she’s a spaz

Finishing week five

For the source I choose to analyze I choose Characteristics and Motives of Adolescents Talking with Strangers on the Internet.

Currency: It is relatively old. It was written in 2006.

Relevance:The whole article talks about why adolescents talk to strangers on the internet.

Authority:One of the authors is Jochen Peter. He has written many other articles about adolescents and the internet, almost 500. He is a professor at the University of Amsterdam. Another author was Patti Valkenburg. She has also written over 500 articles of similar subjects and is also a professor at the same University. The last author is Alexander Schouten. He has written a handful of the same article and he is an assistant professor at Tilburg University.

Accuracy: I don’t spot any mistakes and all of their sources are relevant and good sources.

Purpose:The author created this article to show the research they collected on why adolescents talk to strangers online. They used a scholarly journal to do this and there is a formal tone to the article.

My final thoughts on our discussion and what we read are the discussion really made me think about how much control there really needs to be. The school discussion really made me think on why they try to keep so much control and that maybe the do have a reason. I do see reason behind control in  school. There stupid kids out there who do stupid things and there do need to be some rules put in place but as far as doing that to a whole country, especially when it impedes their freedom of speech, it is harder to see why so many rules are in place. It’s alot of work monitoring a whole school of people. The thought of trying to restrict a whole country  just sits wrong with me. There shouldn’t be so much restriction on something that is essentially becoming an every day part of pur lives.

As for my project format I am still definitely considering a prezi. I am now also considering a photo essay and would love to learn more about a twitter bot. My project would definitely include pictures and I want to look for relevant videos from source like youtube and the like. Some of the tools I might use are pixlr, dipity, and ssbot is I do a twitter bot. I tried out pixlr and found it really cool and really easy to use.

Internet Satire

The internet has always been a powerful place. We all know that. It isn’t new information to us. We also know that satire plays a huge role in how the internet functions. Especially in a case like China, where everything they do on the internet is monitored. The satire is a way for them to express their opinion freely with out fear of reprimand or punishment. Every one has some sort of sarcastic bone in their body, these people just know how to use it to their advantage. Now the way I thing the internet conveys critique is every time someone does or says something stupid it goes viral with a mocking tone to it. A meme or gif is made of it. We share it to all of our social media and say “look how crazy/stupid/ funny this is”. Like in a case of China the Grass-mud horse is know every where and it is there form of saying hey I don’t like what is going on here so I am going to use my satirical skills and inadvertently tell you how I feel. We see this all over the internet. Every time someone says or does something stupid, it is turned into, like I mentioned before, a meme or gif. Majority of the time it goes farther then that and big late night talk shows with millions of viewers will reenact what ever has been said or done. I thing new language could lead to new thinking. If we have this way of communicating with satires, perhaps we will be willing to have more thoughts of what I really going on and what do we truly feel about a certain situation.

Question of the week: how much influence and power does our government truly have over us?