Weekly Summary- 4

This week was really fun. I think in this day in age everyone is a little bit of a photographer due to iPhones and social media so looking into that more in depth was super interesting.

The first assignment for this week I actually ended up doing very last. It was a really interesting assignment at looking at movie scenes in still shots and what is occurring within those scenes. I found it hard to pause the movie I was looking at at the perfect spot because it would end up being a little blurry. So I made the choice to choose a scene and then google search for the specific scene image after choosing it. This made it a lot easier to get the clear image for the correct scene.

Cinematography in Wonder Woman

Then was the three visual assignments from the ds106 assignment bank. The first one I worked on was The Life of a Superhero. My whole process and thoughts of this assignment are within the blog post below!

The Life of a Superhero

Then I completed the Peaceful Places visual assignment. Which was probably my favorite assignment I worked on this whole week. I have really been missing home lately and this assignment reminded me how lucky I am to have a place to miss!

Peaceful Places

Then my last visual assignment this week was It’s a bird, It’s a plane assignment. This took a lot of creativity and was so much fun to create and incorporate my character into another assignment!

It’s a bird it’s a plane, it’s Little Brain!

I also worked on my three daily creates throughout the course of the week! These are always a great part of my week.

Daily Creates- Week 4

Then I did the photoblitz task! This was such an interesting and fun task. I had a ton of fun with my roommates completing as many picture tasks as I could within the 20 minutes. We ended up getting two full lists done!


Lastly for this week commenting! Besides responding to all the lovely comments people have been posting on my posts these are some of the comments I sent out!


A Day in the Life of Morph Shadow


256 Points




Cinematography in Wonder Woman

For this cinematography assignment I decided to look at the new Wonder Woman movie. Here is what I found…

This is a great shot that shows foreground and background. She is clearly the focus of the shot in the foreground and the city in the distance is the background.

This screenshot is a perfect example of depth. The rocks in the background being slightly blurry and faded out show their distance from the main focus of the scene.

This shot of Wonder Woman is a showing the contrast of light and dark. The contrast is due to her dark black cape and the shadow on her face contrasting with the bright light shinning in from the window.

This is one of my personal favorite screen shots and scenes from the entire movie. This is an excellent action shot that shows the moment occurring. The power in her stance, her facial expression, the movement of her hair matching the power of her force. All of these aspects add to the moment of this image.

This movie has so many examples of amazing cinematography, I highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet seen it!


This assignment was extremely interesting. It was such a fun and quick way to try and be very creative. I also found that I needed a lot of help to come up with ideas of what the pictures would be! So here it goes the photoblitz, I accomplished two lists in my 20 minutes!

My first list!
My roommate holding a picture of herself from freshman year of college!
Fill the frame with cookies!
Oven dials are signals too.
My roommate in motion.
My roommate is quite angry about me eating all the cookies
Something green!
Through the (looking) glass.
List number 2!
Antman’s view of the world
My natural human emotion is JOY
Not so artsy, but there are toes!
Bright green shorts make the black remote pop!
Green with envy (money green)
Best fabric to cuddle with
Van Gogh would be jealous of this artsy ear!
My end time, slightly off 20 minutes!

Photoblitz was quite the experience!

Daily Creates- Week 4

This week in ds106 daily creates Jordan version I completed some interesting tasks!

First off I chose my life defining moment. Although I personally believe that people’s life defining moment changes along with them my current most life defining moment was moving down 7 hours from home to Fredericksburg Virginia for college. For this I found a meme that I thought perfectly fit the new lifestyle I was living.

Next I did the Paperback Paradise daily create which took a lot more time then I had anticipated. First I searched and searched google for an old fashion book cover that I liked and found unique enough for me to put my own spin on it. Once I discovered that book cover I had to come up with my new title and edit it. The title came to me pretty quickly because I have a pretty satirical sense of humor so I found that easy. The editing was a challenge for me. I wanted to insert two different text boxes so I had to use the snapchat editing feature two different times to get my desired outcome. Even though I went through quite the process I was very satisfied with the end result!

And last of all I had the daily create tongue twister assignment! This was another fun and simple daily create. All I had to do to complete this daily create was record myself saying a tongue twister on my voice memo app on my iPhone, then upload it to my Soundcloud, and tweet it!

Daily creates are such a fun and low stress way to stay involved creative and interactive during the week!



It’s a bird it’s a plane, it’s Little Brain!

The next visual assignment I worked on this week was worth four stars and was called It’s a bird it’s a plane. I thought this was such an interesting assignment because there are so many photos of famous myths. It is crazy how one blurry picture can keep a myth alive. This project I decided to take a photo of something that might just be the famous sidekick Little Brain. For this assignment I had my friend Tyler get all dressed up in a costume that is similar to little brain’s lab coat which was really just my Hollister button down shirt. Then I had Tyler put on my roommates eye glasses to match Little Brain’s glasses. Lastly since Tyler is 6’4 I had him kneel for the picture so he would be closer to Little Brain’s height (which is 5’6). Then to make it a blurry myth like shot I had him peeking out of a door way down an unlit hallway. To make the image blurry I decided to first record a video of him doing the motion of poking his head out, then screen-shotted an image from there so it was extra un clear. My final image of the famous Little Brain being caught on camera for the first time ever!