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Focus Groups for the Coming Semester

This coming semester our marketing research class (Mktg 411) will be conducting focus groups for regional businesses. We’ve partnered with the Sugar Shack, a local donut shop popular with UMW students. The second business is a new restaurant called The Joint, it will serve falafel and shawarma. This focus group gives students the opportunity to […]

It’s not a Ford, it’s a Mustang

How would you rate a Ford?  Do you place it among some of the coolest cars in the world?  Probably not, but a Mustang is different.  What this represents is that a product can have two reputations.  There’s the manufacturer (Ford) and the product (Mustang).  Our (my colleague Mooweon Rhee and I) studied this scenario […]

Is liberalism the new rule of law?

In 2015 Kim Davis’ expedient rise to fame made her the new face of Conservative Christian values. The Kentucky County Clerk captured the public’s attention after refusing to issue a marriage license to a same-sex couple on the grounds that it violated her religious beliefs, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling to legalize gay marriage. Davis argued …

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Foucault, freedom, and the struggle to understand politics

Freedom has two major definitions: 1) the absence of restrictions and 2) the power to do something. Foucault’s ‘soul’ forces us to abide by only one definition. In ‘Discipline and Punish,’ the definition of ‘soul’ – “born of methods of punishment, supervision, and constraint” – differs from those offered by Christian theologians – that the …

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Are politicians and political pundits enlightened?

Emanuel Kant in “What is Enlightenment?” gives his explanation of what Enlightenment is and who embodies it. Kant defines Enlightenment as “a person’s emergence from their ‘self-incurred’ minority.” Essentially this means that you can only be enlightened if you have shed your natural tendency to allow others to direct and dictate your understanding – not …

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Depicting the relationship between sexuality and power

In the History of Sexuality, Foucault lays out what he considers the “principal features” of the relationship between sexuality and power. The first principal, and the principle I’m going to focus on is called the negative relation. The negative relation suggests that there is no connection between power and sex that isn’t negative. Foucault gives …

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Adventures Through the Lenses

Adventures Through the Lenses started my Junior year when I was looking for a good slogan to go along with my newly made website. It was an exciting time for me. I had recently just changed my major to Communications and Digital Studies and re-introduc…


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