Rashaad Newsome

Rasahaad Newsome was born in New Orleans in 1979, but now lives in New York where he is inspired to create his art. In 2001, the artist got his BFA in Art History at Tulane University. Newsome is a fairly new artist compared to the other artists we’ve looked at so far, with his first solo […]

One Tool Assignment

All images here are 800×600 pixels with a 72 DPI. First tool: Magnetic Lasso. Original: Edited:   Second tool: Pattern Stamp Original: Edited:   Third tool: Smudge Original Edited

The integration of psychology and marketing

Two of my independent study students recently returned from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting in San Antonio where they presented our paper on anticipation and how it impacts the evaluation of outcomes.  The study examined the benefits of planning ahead and how it can enhance your overall experiences which in itself is […]


This is my first post. To learn more about me and my webpage, click on the “About” link over to the left 🙂

Digi 104 1/23

I define digital art as any form of creative expression that is posted online, or created using digital technology such as photoshop or using your laptop. B. What are the defining features, advantages, and limitations that make digital art unique from other forms of visual expression? The defining features of digital art is the fact that it […]

UMW Freshmen Seminar Visits FBI Headquarters

Last month we were fortunate enough to tour the FBI Headquarters in Washington and hear from some of the agents on the work that they’re doing.  The tour was arranged by the father of one of our alumni and from the moment we arrived to five hours afterwards when we left the FBI really went out […]


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