Cinematography in Wonder Woman

For this cinematography assignment I decided to look at the new Wonder Woman movie. Here is what I found… This is a great shot that shows foreground and background. She is clearly the focus of the shot in the foreground and the city in the distance is the background. This screenshot is a perfect example of … Continue reading Cinematography in Wonder Woman

  • ☛ September 22, 2017 | 5:57 pm

Daily Creates- Week 4

This week in ds106 daily creates Jordan version I completed some interesting tasks! First off I chose my life defining moment. Although I personally believe that people’s life defining moment changes along with them my current most life defining moment was moving down 7 hours from home to Fredericksburg Virginia for college. For this I … Continue reading Daily Creates- Week 4

Peaceful Places

The next visual assignment I did this week was worth 3 stars and is called Places of Peace. I loved this assignment because it really made me think of the places that were important to me and what pictures could represent them. For this assignment I simply went through and picked 5 places that make … Continue reading Peaceful Places

Artist Blog: Rashaad Newsome

Rashaad Newsome is a contemporary artist, and he’s based in in New York. Aside from collages, he also produces songs, does performances, creates videos, and makes installations. In his work he successfully celebrates gestures, sounds, and symbols of African American culture and European coats of arms. His work is located domestically and internationally in places … Continue reading Artist Blog: Rashaad Newsome


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